Seize the Century

Seize the Century: Five Mental Shifts Necessary for Success in the 21st Century


In Seize The Century: Five Mental Shifts Necessary for Success in the 21st Century Author Ty Freyvogel talks about the changes necessary to achieve success in the 21st century. He discusses how to:

  1. Redefine How You Think About Success
  2. Discover & Develop New Sources of Income
  3. Practice a New Style of Time Management
  4. Gain New Leadership & Mentoring Skills
  5. Build Productive & Rewarding Relationships

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Chapter 1 - A Century of Abundance Ahead 

  • Creativity and Success in the 21st Century
  • What I Hate About “Self-Help” Books
  • What is Abundance?
  • Ignoring the Negatives
  • Overcoming the Concept of Limitations
  • The Difference that Abundance Makes
  • Abundance and Success

Chapter 2 - The 20th Century Success Trap 

  • Are You Really A Success?
  • What is Success?
  • Abundance is Not Necessarily Success
  • Beware the American Dream
  • Success Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be!
  • The Tale of the Creeping Crisis
  • Success is Not Necessarily Abundance
  • Is It a Mid-Life Crisis or a Success Crisis?
  • Choose Your Adventure

Chapter 3 - The Success Shift: A New Way of Looking at Yourself 

  • Buddy, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
  • If You’re 50 and Confused …
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Say Good-bye to Traditional Success Strategies
  • New Strategies for Success in the 21st Century

Chapter 4 - The Money Shift: Expanding Your Income Opportunities 

  • Abundant Income Streams Ahead
  • A Tale of Two Wallets
  • The True Value of Money
  • Money and Emotions
  • A Brave New World of Opportunities
  • The Empowerment of Online Investing
  • The Lessons of Network Marketing
  • Abundance Squared: The Internet
  • You, Inc. … A Mini-Conglomerate

 Chapter 5 - The Time Shift: New Priorities For Success 

  • Juggling Oranges in the 21st Century
  • The Time Management Dilemma
  • The “T” Myth
  • Goals, Roles and Whatever
  • Single-Stream vs. Multi-Stream Priorities
  • Prioritizing on Your Feet
  • Build on Your Successes
  • Moving From Task-Oriented to Inspiration-Oriented Priorities
  • Now, About Those Tasks …
  • Overcoming the Information Fog

Chapter 6 - The Leadership Shift: Sharing Your Success With Others 

  • Jack of All Trades, Master of Abundance
  • Spreading Yourself “Thick”
  • The Power of Mentoring
  • Becoming a Mentor to Others
  • Seven Easy Steps to Mentoring
  • Edify Others

Chapter 7 - The Networking Shift: Building New Relationships

  • New Social Groups for a New Millennium
  • A Network by Any Other Name
  • The Appeal of Network Marketing
  • Networks and the Technology Revolution
  • Networking and Business
  • The Secret of Networking

Chapter 8 - Letting Go of Your Limitations 

  • Just a Paradigm Away From Success
  • Failure Is Not An Option!
  • The Power of Expectations
  • Re-examine Your Values
  • Priorities for a New Century
  • Discovering Your Potential

Chapter 9 - Making Course Corrections

  • Adopting the Attitude of Success
  • Living In Our Attention-Deficit World
  • Living in the Present Moment
  • The Magic of Journalizing
  • The Genius Within You
  • Making a Difference
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