It’s Your Schmooze

It's Not Your Smarts, It’s Your Schmooze


Ty Freyvogel's book It's Not Your Smarts, It's Your Schmooze generated quite a lot of buzz in business and professional circles. Using humor and compelling anecdotes, "Schmooze" explains why old-fashioned “people skills” are more important than ever. In this fast-paced, high-tech, gadget-filled world, far too many people have allowed technology to get in the way of authentic human relationships!

Ty’s message is timely and valuable. He explains why:

  • Business is about people, life is about people, and schmoozing is about people
  • Networking is no longer working. Schmoozing gives you the edge you need to succeed!
  • Schmoozing also gives you the skills to reach beyond superficial small talk and passing acquaintance!
  • Schmoozing is simply the art of building relationships by creating long-term bonds of trust!
  • Everybody has the ability to succeed, and it doesn't require brains, beauty or bucks!
  • Schmoozers are excellent communicators who know how to listen effectively and focus on others!

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Contents of It's Not Your Smarts, It's Your Schmooze

Part One - Why Schmoozing Wins Over Smarts

  • Schmoozing Gets You Where IQ Can
  • Schmoozing Swells Income
  • Schmoozing Feels Good

 Part Two - Prepare to Schmooze

  • Break Out of Your Shell to Get Stronger
  • Focus on Others and Connect More
  • Create a Winning Aura for Easy Schmoozing

 Part Three - Schmoozer Dos

  • Hello? Can you hear me?
  • Speech for the Speechless
  • The Schmoozer Primer

 Part Four - The Schmooze Zone

  • Mapping Your Schmooze Zone
  • Who to Schmooze
  • Schmoozing Unschmoozables

 Part Five - Schmoozer-cizes

  • Schmooze Management
  • Tools of the Schmooze
  • Premeditated Schmooze

 Part Six - Schmoozer Living

  • Schmoozing is Transforming
  • Schmoozing Salvation
  • Make the First Schmooze

Praise for “It’s Not Your Smarts It’s Your Schmooze” ...

“Practical advice for everyone in any business. Learn and practice what The Schmoozenator preaches. You'll find yourself richer in every way!”

-- Rocky Bleier, Super Bowl Champion Steeler and Professional Speaker

“Anyone who has recruited an academic superstar only to see them plateau or out-and-out fail in the work environment needs to read this book for guidance and solutions!”

-- James F. Getz, CEO, Tristate Bank

“Always sage and often hilarious, It’s Not Your Smarts, It’s Your Schmooze is a must read for business advice and anybody who cares about self-improvement!”

-- Diane Eliezer, Kerr Drug

”Your new book It’s Not Your Smarts, It’s Your Schmooze is informative, pertinent and accurate. You, as the “Chairman of Schmooze” have captured the essence of Schmooze in this book. I was impressed by the organization and presentation in the book, and ordered copies for circulation among the young lawyers of our law firm. This is not to say that some of us senior lawyers can't learn from the book, but rather that the young lawyers will benefit the most.”

-- William Pietragallo, II, Senior Partner

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